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Pain Reframed

May 21, 2020

Chris Johnson, MPT, ITCA, joins Liz and Jeff to discuss the unique challenges of treating pain in athletes. Chris worked at the world-renowned Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma of Lenox Hill Hospital as a physical therapist and researcher. In 2014, he opened Zeren PT to provide unparalleled physical therapy and performance coaching for multi-sport athletes in the Pacific Northwest. Chris is also the co-founder and CEO of RunCadence LLC, which is an IOS app that helps runners apply step rate manipulation to their training.

Outside of his professional work, Chris races triathlon at the amateur elite level. He is a five-time USAT All American, three-time Kona Qualifier, and one of the dominant age group athletes in long course triathlon. Chris is also extensively published in the medical literature and is a sought after international public speaker.