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Pain Reframed

Jul 27, 2017

Dr. Ken Miller joins us, this week, on Pain Reframed.  Ken has more than 20 years of experience working primarily with older adults and more than 7 years teaching other PTs how to, best, do the same. Ken has been an educator, physical therapist and consultant for the home health industry for over 20 years and serves as a guest lecturer, adjunct teaching assistant and adjunct professor in the DPT program at Touro College in Bay Shore, New York. He has presented on a variety of topics including: objective testing, professionalism, interdisciplinary team modeling, osteoporosis, differential diagnosis of dizziness, documentation, patient engagement, student program development and home health regulations.

He serves as Chair of the Practice Committee of the Home Health Section (HHS) of the APTA. As the Chair, he led the development of the Providing Physical Therapy section in the home handbook, Third Edition, Home health student program road map and tool kit and the home health section objective test toolbox. Ken has authored numerous articles for the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, GeriNotes and The Quarterly Report Newsletters.

Ken shares his insights and advice on how to incorporate the ICF model as well as how to focus on key variables like depression, inactivity, and other obstacles that the older population faces when it comes to persistent pain and effective treatment.