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Pain Reframed

Nov 29, 2018

We have Dr. Kelly joining us on Pain Reframed this week! Dr. Kelly is an osteopathic physician, who is starting her new business, “Counseling International” any day now! Dr. Kelly has incredible passion with her practice and even engages with patients who have been down and out in their lives: those who’ve made mistakes along the way.

Dr. Kelly shares some powerful stories of working with patients out of prison and jail and encouraging us that ANY of us could be that person. We’re not as far removed from our patients as it may seem. We’ve all made mistakes in our lives and Dr. Kelly’s passion for helping her patients, who may be more in need of our care than many other populations, is amazing and something we can all learn from.

Save the date!! March 8-10, 2019 in Denver, Colorado, the Align Conference returns! This year’s focus is on movement and pain.