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Pain Reframed

Mar 30, 2017

Welcome to Pain Reframed!  In our first episode, Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore are introducing you to a podcast about pain and how pain is managed in our society.  Pain is a large issue right now and we want to bring powerful and helpful insights on how we can manage pain in a much more efficient and effective way.

We’re committed to changing language and practice patterns across disciplines and points of care in order to reduce the unnecessary suffering that results from the propagation of misinformation, insufficient understanding of the pain experience, and the over-medicalization of pain in society.

Throughout this podcast, Tim and Jeff will share their expertise, as well as the expertise from others in the medical and psychological fields, about pain management and our roles in dealing with pain.  We want to create a sustainable, multi-disciplinary, international conversation on pain.

In today’s episode, we introduce what Pain Reframed is, why Pain Reframed is needed, who we hope will engage with us here at Pain Reframed, and how this podcast will benefit you.