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Pain Reframed

Jun 6, 2019

We have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Judy Grisel for a particularly emotional episode of Pain Reframed this week. She shares her personal struggle with addiction, the havoc it wreaked on her life and relationships, and what it was that eventually got through to her and convinced her to get sober. She also discusses how she's helping her own daughter avoid making the same mistakes, using techniques we can all implement, both in our clinics and in our personal lives.

Dr. Judy Grisel is a behavioral neuroscientist whose research focuses on determining root causes of drug addiction. She studies sex differences in the role of stress and endorphins on drug reward and works to identify innate factors that contribute to individual differences in the liability toward addiction. 

In addition to being a professor and researcher, Judy is a New York Times bestselling author. Her book, Never Enough, uses her past as an addict to explore the neuroscience behind how drugs work, the changes they cause in the brain, and where we might be able to find the cure to today's addiction epidemic. It's a powerful piece that we recommend for all clinicians who work with current or recovering addicts. 

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