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Pain Reframed

Aug 9, 2018

We have our final episode in the series of Strategies and Wins from the Field. Today, we welcome Stephanie Carter Kelley to Pain Reframed! Stephanie will be sharing how she incorporated Yoga into her Physical Therapy practice and why it’s been so important and helpful for her patients. Stephanie also shares how this incorporation of yoga and PT has been immensely helpful in the treatment of her own chronic pain.

Stephanie brings, not only a wealth of knowledge and experience helping others, but also some very personal experiences of pain and victory to the table. Whether or not you decide to incorporate yoga into your PT practice, Stephanie will share a number of key principles that can be applied to your treatment plans as well as some tips on helping patients, who deal with chronic pain, to endure for the long haul and see and experience eventual victory, no matter how long the treatment process may take. There are wonderful gems in this episode and we hope you get a lot out of this fantastic discussion!