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Pain Reframed

Aug 23, 2018

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an episode focused on the patient side of things. Today’s episode with Leda McDaniel, however, is a bit different as she brings, not only the patient perspective, but also the PT perspective. Leda is a physical therapy student, having access to numerous treatment resources and learning how to deal with pain along her personal journey. She has a powerful story dealing with years of persistent pain and, yet, victories in the long run.

Leda wrote a book, recently, about her journey dealing with the pain, lessons learned, and healing experienced. Her book is called “Moments From a Year of Healing.” She also has a wealth of experiences and resources she shares in this week’s episode. Whether you’re someone dealing with persistent pain or treating those who experience long-term pain, this episode will, not only encourage you, but give you some great nuggets of wisdom.