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Pain Reframed

Sep 13, 2018

We have the top five commonly asked questions from patients today! Dr. Tim Flynn is out celebrating his 35th anniversary with his wife, so The Real Brian fills in to help Dr. Jeff Moore answer some of these commonly heard and very important questions that patients typically ask. Our discussion today culminates a lot what we talk about on Pain Reframed into one episode, hitting on some of the essentials!

  1. Are you guys saying that damaged structures in our body never cause pain?
  2. You hear that pain comes from the brain. How can I manage and even sort of control the pain with my mind?
  3. If the "issue isn't in the tissue" why do treatments that are directed towards the tissue often help temporarily?
  4. I’m wanting to take a more conservative approach to my treatment. How do I talk to my doctor if she seems biased towards medication and surgery?
  5. What are the best ways to exercise, move, strength-train, etc?