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Pain Reframed

Jan 10, 2019

We welcome Liz Peppin back to Pain Reframed! Liz was on Pain Reframed on Episode 45 in February of 2018. She shared her story of dealing with pain, not finding the solutions she needed, but then being able to turn it around, reframing her pain and, now, reframing the pain of her patients. Liz is a long-time listener to Pain Reframed and also a Physician Assistant who has suffered from extreme pain for quite some time.

Liz is one of the most involved people within the Pain Reframed community. She’s heavily engaged with the Facebook Group and takes the information we share on Pain Reframed and puts it into action within her own practice. On this episode, Liz, Tim, and Jeff discuss what she’s specifically doing with the information shared and she encourages each of us to make change and better our practices and our industry.

ALSO! Save the date!! It’s coming up quickly! March 8-10, 2019 in Denver, Colorado, the Align Conference returns! This year’s focus is on movement and pain.