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Pain Reframed

Feb 21, 2019

We're welcoming Michelle Morrow to Pain Reframed! A self-described type-A, perfectionist personality, Michelle's mental health struggles during residency showed her the importance of self care. She, Tim, and Jeff share how each of them incorporate self care into their daily routines, despite their busy schedules. We hope you can use some of these techniques in your own life!

Michelle Morrow, DPT, is a physical therapist who believes in providing patient-centered care at all times. Michelle takes into account the patient's goals, desires, culture, and strengths to put together a plan of individualized care that best suits the patient. She believes in making each patient the director of their care, while she helps facilitate the patient's goals. She is very passionate about her profession and using her talents to serve others.


International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI)

Twitter - @ISPITeam

Twitter - @michellemDPT