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Pain Reframed

Oct 16, 2020

On this week's episode Liz and Jeff speak with Dr. Kirsty Bannister, a renowned researcher on conditioned pain modulation, about what we know, what we’re studying, and what we can look forward to in the future of this topic.

Kirsty completed BSc, MRes and PhD degrees at University College London and and Imperial College before returning to UCL for a decade-long postdoctoral research position in the laboratory of Professor Anthony Dickenson. In 2017 Kirsty gained her faculty position upon joining King’s College London where she now runs her research group investigating the central modulation of pain. Specifically Kirsty's research team bridges the gap between bench and bedside pain research by conducting exploratory experiments that seek to molecularly, anatomically and/or functionally define descending control pathways in rodent and man using electrophysiology and human psychophysics respectively. Kirsty has led multiple symposia at world pain congresses including IASP and EFIC and she also performs Section Editor duties for multiple pain-related journals. 



Kirsty Bannister's Lab address: Wolfson CARD, King’s College London, London, SE1 1UL