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Pain Reframed

May 4, 2017

We are going back to the patient’s perspective this week on Pain Reframed!  The Real Brian joins Dr. Jeff Moore and Dr. Tim Flynn to discuss pain and the intense story behind Brian’s experience in dealing with pain and a surgery that didn’t go exactly as expected.

Brian discusses his journey with back and leg pain, starting in 2002, and how it affected him throughout the last decade.  In 2013, his lower disc ruptured and he, at that point, had to get “emergency” surgery to remove the disc fragment from pressing up against and traumatizing the sciatic nerve.  The surgery should have been a success (with a 1% chance of complications) but the surgery left Brian with no nerve signal down into his leg.  Brian shares the story of his journey from debilitating pain to surgical complications to how he has overcome these limitations today.

Additionally, Brian, Tim, and Jeff talk about the transparency of medical professionals in needing to own up to their mistakes and find solutions to the problems at hand.  They also discuss the power of physical therapy and the incredible success of pain management from, not only a physical side, but also a mental side.